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Birthdate:Sep 30
((This journal is for entertainment purposes only, for the [info]nolongerlostrpg community, and possibly for [info]tf_ic_prompts. This journal is maintained by [info]azysapphy/[info]dens_extra_pups and is not for profit. Any bastardization of the character of Sideburn is unintentional, unless it's been labeled as OOC.))

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autobots, build team, culture, cybertron, decepticons, driving, earth, energon, flirting, grimlock, heavy load, high tower, highways, hot shot, humans, ironhide, japan, midnight express, mirage, optimus prime, parties, prowl, r.e.v, racing, railspike, rapid run, red cars, red sports cars, skid-z, slash, spychangers, t-ai, team bullet train, transformers, ultra magnus, w.a.r.s, wedge, x-brawn

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